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Everyone deserves comfortable spaces for living and working, and achieving energy efficient upgrades should be accessible to all. We’re here to make it happen.

The Clean Energy Jobs and Justice Fund (CEJJF) is dedicated to fostering a sustainable future for all Illinois residents. Our purpose is clear: to make clean energy accessible to everyone while ensuring equitable distribution of its benefits.

Incorporated in the State of Illinois as directed by the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act, CEJJF is committed to ensuring that the advantages of the clean energy revolution reach every corner of our state. Our innovative financing will offer opportunities and grants to Minority Business Enterprises, contractors of color, low-income, environmental justice, BIPOC communities, and the businesses that serve them.

The fund is managed by a governor-appointed board of directors. Learn more about our leadership.

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We are searching for our first executive director. Learn more about this position and apply.

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Our programs

Our programs will not only make energy efficiency upgrades and small-scale renewable energy systems more affordable for everyone ─ businesses, educational institutions, municipalities, and residents alike, but also support an entrepreneurial ecosystem, fostering growth and new workforce development opportunities for Minority Business Enterprises.

Say goodbye to upfront costs and hello to a streamlined process with preferred financing rates.

How will we achieve this?

Leveraging capital

We’ll use third-party capital alongside innovative credit enhancement methods to make it happen.

Partnering with contractors

We’ll work closely with energy efficiency and renewable energy system contractors to ensure seamless implementation.

Collaborating statewide

We’ll coordinate with similar programs across Illinois and the nation to maximize impact.

Monitoring for success

We’ll track program results to ensure it’s working effectively.

Want to help us make a positive change?

Find out more about how you can help Illinois residents save energy and money, create good paying jobs, and drive the Illinois green economy.